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Spend less time searching and more time watching with Samba TV

With hundreds of TV channels, streaming services and apps, who has time to surf through all the choices to find the next great show? With Samba, you get recommendations for shows you'll love and ensure you don't miss the hidden gems.

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What is Samba Interactive TV?

Smart TVs are designed to learn, and Samba improves your television’s intelligence by understanding the programs and content you enjoy most. Rather than having to go searching for shows, Samba Interactive TV brings your favorite programs to you along with other options that align with your tastes.

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Who is Samba TV?

Samba TV is a team of engineers, data scientists, designers and business advisors who strive to make TV better for viewers, and also help media buyers and producers better-understand how content and advertising resonates with the audience. We use our insights and data to enable TV content recommendations, better advertising models and viewership analytics that transform television for the better.




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