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EnzoDesign Tan Tan Zip Tan Leather Zip Zip Around Wallet Leather Leather Wallet Around Wallet EnzoDesign Around EnzoDesign PALACKÝ UNIVERSITY OLOMOUC

Faculty of Arts

Bachelor programme / field:
Human Studies / Spanish Philology - Applied Economic Studies

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Bachelor's thesis

Zip EnzoDesign Around Tan EnzoDesign Tan Tan Zip Zip EnzoDesign Wallet Leather Leather Around Leather Wallet Around Wallet Estudio de los culturemas en la fraseología argentina

Tan Leather Around Leather Around Zip EnzoDesign Wallet Zip Tan Tan Wallet EnzoDesign Around Zip EnzoDesign Leather Wallet Análisis comparativo de tres culturemas argentinos y tres espanoles

The study of culture aspects in Argentinian phraseology

Abstract: The topic of this thesis is the reflection of the culture in phraseology. Firstly, in the theoretical part, the work presents the classification of phraseological units, then it is dedicated to Spanish language from Latin America, especially to the Argentinian version. It deals with the employment of metaphors in phraseology and with the history of the Argentinian phraseology. The practical part focuses on the analysis of three phraseological units from the Argentinian culture (poncho, milonga, mate) and three possible equivalents from the Spanish culture (capote, copla, wine). Finally, it analyses the use of selected expressions in written documents.

Abstract: El tema del presente trabajo es el reflejo de la cultura en la fraseología. Primero, la parte teórica presenta la clasificación del material fraseológico, luego se dedica al espanol de América Latina, especialmente a la variante de Argentina. Versa sobre el empleo de la metáfora en la fraseología y sobre la historia de la fraseología en Argentina. La parte práctica se dedica al análisis de tres unidades fraseológicas provenientes de la cultura argentina (el poncho, la milonga, el mate) y de tres posibles equivalentes de la cultura espanola (el capote, la copla, el vino). Finalmente, analiza el uso de las expresiones destacadas en los textos escritos.

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Language used: Spanish

Leather Zip Tan EnzoDesign EnzoDesign Around Leather Zip EnzoDesign Around Tan Wallet Zip Leather Tan Wallet Wallet Around Thesis defence

  • Supervisor: Mgr. Enrique Gutiérrez Rubio, Ph.D.

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Institution archiving the thesis and making it accessible: UNIVERZITA PALACKÉHO V OLOMOUCI, Filozofická fakulta
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OUDOVÁ, Anna. Estudio de los culturemas en la fraseología argentina. Olomouc, 2016. bakalářská práce (Bc.). UNIVERZITA PALACKÉHO V OLOMOUCI. Filozofická fakulta

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